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Romina Capitani, JazZenJourney
Joerg Widmoser, JazZenJourney
Ettore Fioravanti, JazZenJourney
Drew Gress, JazZenJourney

Jazz and Zen                         Listen

The essence of Zen is present moment awareness; awareness of thoughts, words, and actions and all that arises and falls away as we move through our lives.  This is the essence of Jazz as well; the ability to listen deeply and respond, moment to moment, in the interplay and exchange of notes and chords. 

When we engage all of our senses, live fully, and embrace our lives as an infinite connection with everything and everyone, we create the music of life and take part in a flowing, seamless dance...a conscious awareness that every step, every movement is intimately related. 



This is JazZenJourney

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Steve Rudolph

Joerg Widmoser

Klaus Lessmann
Mirco Mariottini
Andy Middleton
Ali Ryerson

Achille Succi

Johannes Faber

Jonathan Ragonese

David Boato

Sheila Cooper

Fulvio Sigurta

Sheila Cooper
Romina Capitani


Matteo Calabrese
Drew Gress
Francesco Losavio
Marco Forti
Raffaello Parreti
Giacomo Rossi

Paolo Ghetti

Carmine Casciello
Ettore Fioravanti
Domenico Fontana
Walter Paoli
Giuseppe Sardina

Alfred Kramer

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Rafaello Pareti, JazZenJourney