JazZenJourney® Italy, 2020

Our second week, AUGUST 1-8, 2020 is OPEN FOR REGISTRATION   

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SCHEDULE for July 25 - August 1 (FULL)

For detailed information on each destination, click on the links

Day One, Saturday, July 25, 

3:30pm ARRIVAL/PICK-UP GUESTS at Hilton Garden Inn, Florence, Novoli


Aperitifs, Dinner, and Jazz Concert at San Fedele


Day Two, Sunday, July 26

Morning Meditation


Visit Chianti Cashmere Goat Farm and Shop 

Lunch at Le Vigne

Visit Rampini Ceramiche or Radda

Aperitifs, Dinner, and Jazz Concert at San Fedele

Day Three, Monday, July 27

Morning Meditation


Day Excursion to San Gimignano (Lunch on your own)

Story of San Fedele’s Restoration and Rebirth

Aperitifs & Dinner, and Jazz Concert at San Fedele


 Day Four, Tuesday, July 28

Morning Meditation


Relax at San Fedele: Pool, Spa Treatments

Lunch at San Fedele

Aperitifs, Pizza Party, and Jazz Concert at Castelvecchi

 Day Five, Wednesday, July 29

Morning Meditation


Visit Radda in Chianti or, for those who wish, Spa Treatments at San Fedele

Lunch at Carpineta

Visit Chiesa dei Monaci, a stunning Frescoed Chapel at Certosa di Pontignano, 

with Aperitifs, Dinner, and Jazz Concert in the Courtyard


Day Six, Thursday, July 30

Morning Meditation


Guided Nature Walk or Spa Treatments

Lunch at Dievole 

Aperitifs, Dinner, and Jazz Concert at the elegant Castello di Meleto

Day Seven, Friday, July 31

Morning Meditation


Day Trip to Beautiful Siena (Lunch on your own)

Aperitifs & Dinner, and Jazz Concert at San Fedele


Day Eight, Saturday, August 1


DEPARTURE: 11:00AM, From San Fedele to Hilton Garden Inn Novoli

(PLEASE NOTE: Anyone wishing to leave earlier or later than 11am must arrange and pay for their own transportation.)