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The Food

All dietary needs are taken into consideration for all JazZenJourney participants - vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and food allergies.

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Executive Chef


My name is Alberto Ciofi, Executive Chef at Borgo San Fedele.  


I was born in Tuscany and lived here my whole life.  My passion for cooking comes from the pleasure that food gives to others.  It is an art form full of rules and formulas, but still allows for extemporaneous creation.

I love Tuscan recipes, but by traveling I have also learned to appreciate the delights of other places, discovering both diversity and commonality.

I worked for years at the "Bottega del 30", a starred restaurant in Villa a Sesta, a place that has remained in my heart most memorably.  There, I spent creative and highly satisfying years continually comparing and combining the local cuisine with the French cuisine of its origins.

Food can be a great pleasure, and conviviality creates unique energy.  I hope to convey these qualities to everyone at San Fedele.


Alberto Ciofi

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